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Increase the odds of successfulyy treating your next ketosis case

Category: Nutritional

Species: Cattle, Sheep

Active Ingredients: multi-mineral and malt oral solution

What is Ketamalt 50?

Ketamalt® contains four of the five sources of oral glucose precursors used to reverse ketosis in ruminants – sugars, starches, amino acids and propylene glycol. In addition, Ketamalt® contains DIASTASE, a natural starch converting enzyme that converts starches present in the rumen to simple sugars.

Propylene glycol is only one source of oral glucose precursor used to reverse ketosis in ruminants. Although very effective, it is not recommended as the sole source of glucose for ketotic cows as some liver func- tion is required to properly matabolize it. This is outlined in the following quote from the 8th edition of Veterinary Medicine (Blood and Radostits, p. 1350) which states:

“Glycerol and propylene glycol are not as effi- cient as glucose [for reversing ketosis] because their conversion to glucose requires oxaloacetate enzyme conversion in the liver”.


As an aid in the prevention and treatment of acetonemia in cattle and sheep.

Withdrawal Period

No withdrawal period required.

Pack Sizes

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1KET0064 L4