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Bimeda Canada Wishes A Happy Retirement To A Dear Colleague

The team from Bimeda Canada this week held a party to honour Hun Tsoi, who is retiring from Bimeda after 30 years of service.

Hun first joined Bimeda in 1990 and she has been an excellent mentor, coach and friend to everyone she came into contact with over the past three decades. Hun's caring nature earned her the affectionate nickname 'Grandma' and she will be much missed by everyone at Bimeda. While working at Bimeda, Hun has raised a family of five children who have completed their education and established their careers. Hun has been a key part of the Bimeda family and in many ways Bimeda has been a key part of Hun's family, as all five of her children spent their summer months working at the company at some point!

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Hun for 30 years of loyal service, friendship to her colleagues and dedication to Bimeda and our customers. We wish Hun the very best as she kicks off her retirement with a well deserved 2 month vacation. 

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